PAANC-Partners in Health (PIH)

PAANC recently launched a new project, Partners in Health (PIH). Based on a common vision that everyone deserves access to health care, the mission of PAANC-PIH is to support continuous, coordinated, comprehensive, and sustainable primary health care to one or more designated and underserved communities in the Philippines.

Emphasizing partnerships and collaboration, PAANC-PIH provides grant support for an integrative health clinic that seeks to provide sustainable primary and preventive care, prevention and educational services, access to medicines, and follow up care. Further, the integration of public health professionals and students will also allow for policy advocacy to address broader social and environmental needs. PAANC-PIH also arranges and schedules visiting health professionals and volunteer site visits or consultation services with its supported health clinics and with other health partners in the Philippines.

This project is conducted in tandem with the current CMM project.

Contact: Robert C. Turner, M.D., Director


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