Humanitarian Outreach

PAANC provides humanitarian assistance to underserved communities, especially in the wake of natural or economic disasters, in North Carolina and in the Philippines through the following programs and special projects:



CMM is one of PAANC’s longest-running humanitarian projects, nearing three decades of service. Each year, the program coordinators go through an arduous preparation process: vetting mission sponsors, selecting mission sites, ordering and shipping medicines and supplies, obtaining permits and licenses, recruiting volunteers, and planning logistics. They conduct two to three missions per year at the selected sites. During the 3-4 day long mission, the team provides free medical, surgical, ophthalmic, and dental services to over 3,000 disadvantaged patients in the underserved areas of the Philippines. In addition to treating patients, CMM also donates medical supplies and equipment to local hospitals and health facilities. To date, CMM has treated more than 200,000 patients who otherwise would not have had access to any health care.

For further information on CMM, please visit:


PAANC-Partners in Health (PIH)

PAANC recently launched a new project, Partners in Health (PIH). Based on a common vision that everyone deserves access to health care, the mission of PAANC-PIH is to support continuous, coordinated, comprehensive, and sustainable primary health care to one or more designated and underserved communities in the Philippines.

Emphasizing partnerships and collaboration, PAANC-PIH provides grant support for an integrative health clinic that seeks to provide sustainable primary and preventive care, prevention and educational services, access to medicines, and follow up care. Further, the integration of public health professionals and students will also allow for policy advocacy to address broader social and environmental needs. PAANC-PIH also arranges and schedules visiting health professionals and volunteer site visits or consultation services with its supported health clinics and with other health partners in the Philippines.

This project is conducted in tandem with the current CMM project.

Contact: Robert C. Turner, M.D., Director




The Philippines, because of its location along the Ring of Fire, is prone to typhoons, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and other natural disasters that devastate communities, claim thousands of lives, and leave the economy in tatters. The Philippines is hit by an average of 20 tropical cyclones annually. In addition to natural disasters, some regions also suffer from conflict and acts of violent extremism.

North Carolina also has its share of disasters: hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and snow and ice storms, which often cause property damage, disruption to food and water supplies, and sometimes loss of life.

PAANC sends funds to organizations or agencies that have mechanisms in place to respond promptly to disasters or calamities. We also conduct various fundraising events throughout the year so we can readily deliver the needed aid to affected areas in NC and the Philippines.


Annual Giving to NC Human Service Organizations

Through our annual giving, PAANC supports local, nonprofit organizations that address the needs of the most vulnerable populations in the community. The PAANC Board evaluates the level of need and allocates the necessary budget each year for this purpose. In addition to donating funds, we also donate our time to these local charities.


Membership “Care & Share”

PAANC continually creates a culture of caring by empowering and engaging our membership. We extend a helping hand to those experiencing difficulties or tribulations and we celebrate their successes with them. We provide workshops whenever possible and mentorship in our areas of expertise to anyone interested. Should you need any assistance, please email us at

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