Educational Support

PAANC fosters education through scholarships and enrichment programs.


Scholarship Program

Scholarships for high-performing college-bound students who are facing economic hardship in North Carolina or in the Philippines. The high school scholarship is a new offering that is only available for students in the Philippines.


Enrichment Programs

These are designed to empower and engage our members.

Discover North Carolina – PAANC organizes day trips to learn about North Carolina and discover our state’s gems, spectacular landscapes, and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Past trips included:

  • The Simply Creamery Dairy Farm in Greene County: A “sweet” outing for our members where we took an informative hayride tour of the farm, purchased delicious milk products, and enjoyed their many wonderful ice cream flavors.


  • The Sylvan Height Bird Sanctuary in Scotland Neck: A great discovery for those who participated in this trip! Right here in NC is this Sanctuary that is home to the world’s largest collection of waterfowl, including rare and endangered species from all around the world.


  • Whirligig Park in Wilson: Another fun discovery for our members – this trip to Whirligig Park, a two-acre park located in the historic downtown Wilson that features 30 of Vollis Simpson’s whirligigs, including some of the largest in his life’s work. Simpson was an American folk artist known for his large kinetic sculptures called “whirligigs” which he made from salvaged metal.


Youth Engagement: PAANC partners with and provides support to local Filipino and Asian American university organizations for events such as professional development seminars, cultural events, and movie nights that feature Filipino Films, as well as offering volunteer opportunities to students.

Organization we currently have relationships with:

  • UNC Kasama: Kasama – The Filipino American Student Association of UNC-Chapel Hill is a student organization at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which has been founded for the purpose of serving as a source of information and dissemination on Filipino culture and a support system network for Filipinos, Philippine-affiliated, and those who seek interest in the Filipino culture and want to learn more.


  • NC State FASA (Filipino American Student Association): FASA will operate as another cultural organization on campus. While there are many organizations under the APIDA identity, there are many students that identify as Filipinx and they want to find a community where they might encounter familiar ideas, cultures, and people. We want to be the voice for Filipino Americans on campus and spread awareness for a culture that may be considered underrepresented.


  • Duke ASEAN (Southeast Asian Students Association): Duke ASEAN is an organization aimed at promoting awareness of Southeast Asia and marshaling resources towards Southeast Asian studies at Duke University.


Civic Empowerment and Youth Leadership

PAANC partners with NCAAT to have a stronger representation of the Pan-Asian community in the local or state government through census and voting participation. Additionally, this partnership gives our members access to NCAAT resources, trainings, workshops, educational materials, and Youth Leadership Institute (a 3-day summer youth program of skill building, personal growth, and community-based education).

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